Monday, July 17, 2006

My first and last experience in...

I was intending on getting my hair curled- temporarily, though. And I was getting hopelessly bored at home over the weekend. So, I thought why not make my debut. I was really not too keen on it though.
And now, I was in the parlour...people started to do something with my hair. They had a tough time with my hair, I swear! Some were standing, some were sitting on the floor trying to reach my hair! I was expecting to see something too drastically different, with new looks and all..
Man! These guys have got real patience! I, for the first time realised that, unless you are hopelessly jobless, you would not want to go there again! It is such a real waste of time being there.
At the end of it all, my hair looked neat- with curls n all, came back home.. The curls lasted for about an hour, by which time, I managed to get some snaps shot. Ater all, why did I do all this? For the sake of some neat snaps right? Anyways, these curls wouldn't last for long. And should I explain the kind of comments passed on, at home?

The next day, it was looking really terrible. I went back and shouted at them and finally after another 3 hours of my 'good' time spent hopelessly, she gave it up saying- "Your hair is too straight to be curled!!"
I thought: "Thank you ma'm, appreciate your service and quick realisation"

Like they say: "Some people learn only by experience". I feel that this pretty much holds true in my case. This experience, being only one such instance.


Naveen Chandra said...

Hey Nanditha , I saw your snap with the curly hair .. it was not bad at all, i like curly hairs ;)

_Gabbar4Now said...

HMmm Rapunzel is what I should call you! :)
I wish i had long hair but i never had the patience to let it grow too long.. always a simple crew cut for me.. but recently I got a haircut at forum and man was tht a nightmare!! The guy asked me "do you want little short or big short".. said i wanted i little short took off my glasses and calamity struck!!! was like hurricane katrina took away my hair before i cld do much!

hmmm... and i just scrapped you on orkut asking how i cld start blogging well, being the genius that i am, I kindof figured it out :D tks anyways :)