Saturday, November 11, 2006

The complete rain-y experience

I am sure a lot of people love rain and most of them also love to get wet in the rain! And of course, needless to say, I too belong to this category.
But just imagine the fate of the two-wheeler riders in rain. If any of you have had this experience, I am sure most of you would not say that it was one of the wonderful experiences. But it is, indeed, a wonderful experience.

It is very tough especially if you ride in the kind of heavy rain that I rode my two-wheeler in, quite a long time ago. I used to get jealous of the guys driving those cars and I used to feel that they are so comfortable driving in the rain, while I used to try hard to manage avoiding the water from getting on my face. Although I had the helmet, it was still extremely tough to manage to keep my eyes open! It is one of those biggest challenges, especially if you are riding in the traffic-crazy and the most wonderful city of Bangalore! When I said 'most wonderful', that was by no means a sarcastic remark or an exaggeration:-)

Anyway,that was just one experiment that I tried very intentionally- I WANTED to ride in the rain and I rode ~13 kms and I took 1/2 an hour more than what I normally used to take to reach home. Needless to say, everyone at home was damn shocked that I actually rode in the rain! But thats OK, I enjoyed it. (Dont ask me the after-effects of getting drenched for so long! The cold and fever and...)
Then I never got a chance to ride/drive in the rain till recently, when I drove. Yes, I was in the car this time. I recollected that day when I rode my bike and felt jealous of those car drivers. I was feeling that driving was easier as compared to riding. But it was equally difficult, but the advantage is that you get to enjoy the rain and also not get wet. But from the driving point of view, it is not really as easy as I had thought it to be.

I was trying to compare the two experiences and I thought I enjoyed the car experience better. I never drive slow, but this time I was driving intentionally very slow so that I get to stay out there for long! Well, I thought that the experience in rain wasnt complete till I drove in the rain recently- in the heavy rain. Yup, a bit crazy..

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shiv ram said...

u made me recall days when i returned from ma school ... on my cycle...n d rains .. d sun ,, n a lot more ...

ya driving can be fun inspite of being difficult . like the first day in school. or first time being ragged by a senior ....or the first love.