Sunday, August 14, 2011

Thank God

I woke up in the morning with my eyes blurred; because I had slept with my eyes covered with my hands. It took nearly 1 hour to be able to see normal. I began to think, how the world might look to me if my eyes were permanently blurred. I started getting scared. How the world might look, if I were blind? Do we care to thank, may be, God that we are able to see? I did, at that moment. Even if I had no reason to thank God, this is really a wonderful reason.. to be able to see. The greatest gift, I thought!

We all know we can "see", not just the vision that eyes offer, but to be able to see things as they are. That is a very difficult thing though. It takes quite a few experiences to be able to really "see". When we start to see and realise things, we start to refine ourselves according to the circumstances. The first time you "see" something differently than what you expected to see, you are taken by surprise. Because, you had a certain previous experience and a certain expectation. So, when what follows doesnt match with your expectation, you are surprised! So, you now modify your 'interpretation' algorithm and set it to the latest experience you had. And then, your expectation changes accordingly. The next time you "see" the same thing, if you are taken by surprise, you modify your algorithm again. Anyway, as you go through these, you take a hit every time, but you also go through this wonderful act of realisation. You become a more refined person, because atleast you are starting to "see" things clearly. And when you get hit more, the stronger you get. But this process gets saturated somewhere.. that happens either when you get the "real" picture of the thing (after which you no longer need to run the algorithm) or when we you have become strong enough not to get affected by anything or when you no longer expect anything.

The root cause of all evil is this expectation. Expectation everywhere, about everything and with everyone. The moment this can be controlled, I can say, we will be able to handle ourselves much better and really see things as they are, and... as... they... Always.... were. Yes, things hardly change, but our 'idea' of the thing changes. When the illusion about the idea vanishes, the thing is seen clearly, as it ALWAYS WAS.

I wanted to thank someone for having brought me out strong from all the experiences that I have had in life so far, howsoever tough they have been. 'Thank God'.. thats what naturally comes out when we feel thankful for something that has happened, which is beyond our control. So, I thank God. I thank God, for making me realise how stupid I was in the past, for making me realise how much better I could have been, for how events happened which were not under my control (there are many such, in all our lives), for guiding me every moment and making me realise every moment on what I should and shouldn't do..

I sometimes think, if I could have 'seen' better yesterday, I could have been a lot better. But its always better late than never right? I can see better today, and for that, I thank God again..


vish said...

I see :)

Mankutimma said...

I think this is played. But could not resist these links looking at the concept of seeing ...

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