Sunday, October 09, 2011

A heart

I see so much of a distinction between an animal (like a dog/cow etc) and a human. I saw a cow limping, walking in the middle of the road; nobody caring for it. I saw a hungry dog, that was looking for food inside a dustbin and it looked up at me expecting something. I saw some kind of helplessness in its eyes, looked as if it was making some kind of request. I looked straight into its eyes, and I felt I was connected with it, I felt sorry, helpless. I had just had my dinner, ready-made dinner, cooked by someone else, neatly served on plates, have someone else to wash my plates, and on top of it we still complain that the food is not good, it was a little less saltish, less hot etc.,. I saw another dog rolling in the sand, sleeping in the sun. Why is there so much distinction made between man and an 'animal'? Man has dominated the whole world, thinks he rules it. We study, build institutes, work, do lots and lots of things to "enjoy" at the cost of others happiness, many a times. We can go to any extent, hurting others, killing others, killing animals and eating them.. god save human beings.

Still, what should be that quality of a man that makes this really big distinction, worth it? What should he possess, that makes him worthy of being called a human being, who is rated way way above the other species. I think, it is the "heart". Care for others,  forget your egos and have a heart.. They say that, when you touch the heart of others is the moment you truly start living..Otherwise, what is 'life' after all? When can you say, you are really living?

How many times have we faced this- we dont care for those who care so dearly for us, because we take them for granted. We dont care to listen to them, they are like our secondary priority, whom we will finally resort to, when we feel alone and lost in this world.. We still, dont care to stop for a moment and feel grateful for them. We never said a thanks..Some relationships dont need a thanks, of course.. like that of a child feeling grateful towards parents. This is a really great example, of how most kids dont care for those who really care for them. I feel, this is the only true relationship amongst all the vanishing ones and I care for that relationship a lot..

Thats ok, but this is the funny part- we care a LOT for those who dont care for us.. This is one more very strange quality that I find in human beings. I heard an incident, where a girl was dumped by his boyfriend who proudly wrote that -'finally, I got rid of her'.. and the girl committed a suicide. Can it get more stupid? When a person doesnt value the relationship anymore, there's no point in the other person valuing it anymore either, so much to an extent of committing a suicide. I believe that, people who do not deserve to be given importance, should not be given importance at any cost. Basically, the root cause of all this is that, we are attached to something or somebody and our ego comes in the way of accepting this fact, which leads to agony and anguish. If we just keep things simple, there shouldnt be any worry in this world.

So, coming back to my original point, have a heart.. a simple for others, tell those little thanks, little sorries, little smiles, share those little feelings, feel I say, feel.. and you are on your way to justify, why humans are really supposed to be way ahead of all other species. A dog shows gratitude, it can feel. In fact, all living beings can..(Btw, I dont mean to underestimate a dog or any other animal. Just that I see so many of them everyday, I am just using them as an example. In many cases and in many ways, dogs are much better than humans!)
If you lack a heart, then I am sorry, you are worse than any other creature on this planet, just spending one more day on earth..

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