Thursday, July 04, 2013

Take a moment off.. to know how fortunate you are

We all have problems in life, or atleast, we think so. What is a problem?
We are caught in the small petty jealousies, fights, hatreds, ego or superiority complexes and such things..

Somebody comments on my dress, I have a problem. I develop a complex to wear the same dress the same way next time.

Some remote "friend" says, "I dont need you anymore".. I get a serious heart-attack and think that, my world is full of misery. I think "What was my mistake? What have I ever done to deserve this?"

I do not respond to someone and the person says something rudely, I feel that no one cares for me. A friend does not wish me on my birthday and I feel that something terrible has happened in my life. My dad cares for me a lot that he is so so protective about me, even at this age. He still thinks I cannot cross the street on my own, and I have a problem with him! My friend says she will ping me back and doesn't, I have a problem with it. I started hating her, that she is so egoistic and I should not ping her anymore! I build jealousy within myself.

I do well in my job, and someone is jealous about it and wants to pull me down. I still have to pretend that I am a good friend of her, and I think that I am in a serious problem.

Wait a minute..

Think about this.

Someone is an orphan, she doesnt want to show it. She has accepted this fact and has moved on in life. SHE is the one who has nobody to care for her and she still lives strong. She does not think that she has a problem.

Someone has got a real heart-break. His love has married someone else! And this guy is still very good friends with both of them! THAT is strength. HE is the one who has real worries, misery and is still getting on with life. He has accepted it and has moved on. It is so difficult for me, to imagine this guys position. It is easy to imagine that he is in misery. But it is so difficult for me to imagine that he is still happily friendly with the other 2 people! Unimaginable strength. I say, WOW! I have seen people who start hating the two people, but to love them to the same extent, hats off, I say! 

Someone's husband has passed away. She has 3 kids and knows no one who can help her. She is uneducated. She has still found a job and is feeding those 3 kids. That is called, problem.

Just visit a cancer hospital. People will be lying on the road-side, in their final stages of life, unable to pay for their treatment. Probably, they are even begging people for money and we think that they are anyway not going to get cured, so why pay. Those are the people who have real problem.

There are people who cannot feed themselves for 2 times a day, who cannot afford to pay for their living, who beg on the streets.. those are the ones who have problems. They do not even have the time to think of hatreds, jealousies etc.,

And what are we doing? We have everything. We eat 4 to 5 or even 6 times a day! We have such good parents to take extra care of us. We dont even have to prepare a meal, it is almost always ready-made! We are quite well educated, thanks to our parents, so that we earn our living. We have money and we do not think, it is enough! We always want more, and it is never enough. We have so many clothes to wear and we still think that we do not have good ones! We buy something that we think is good and the next day, we feel that it is not so good! What are we searching happiness in? Why have we become so petty?

When we die, we die alone. None of the money, dresses, palaces, jeweleries, degrees, medals and lastly, not even our friends or the loved ones are going to come with us. We need to be happy with some things and get on in life, instead of complaining on petty things. Try to take a moment off to see all the nice things you have.. and you will realise how fortunate you are. We have everything we need. We only need to take time off to observe those things, instead of wasting our lives on things we DO NOT need. If not anything else, I have two eyes and can see! THAT, is for me, the most important thing in life. To be able to see, is why, I think, I am very fortunate :)


shiva said...

hey,you have become so spiritual like ART OF LIVING and SPEAKING TREE portal guys.i think you are thinking too much and you are lil bit tired in life.if your mind is so stable and free from everything ,you must not have comment moderation.what are we afraid of?when there is transparency in our approach towards life.

life will be simple and happy when you don't live for food and money.well am not spiritual,philosophical and religious.
problem arises out of ignorance and lack of intellect.

shiva said...

hey,at last you got married and am happy for look like my elder sister, so i kept writing on your blog as rohan and shiva.happy married life and there is nothing emotional and am not a stalker. i think am the only guy who has been following your blog from the day you started writing.hmm i think you are very reserved and you don't reply to strangers ,you din't change from know what? one's behavior should be like,one should be free to interact with people on intellect basis and there is no need to get emotional with online people.i hope you will change your approach in future.anyways i have given up writing online 2 years back.