Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Holiday in Goa-joyous experience that just stays..

If you are in Karnataka and love long drives, if you wanted to discover the nearest and one of the best Goan beaches, in all possibilities, you would be directed to this beach in the southern part of Goa..Palolem.
This is how I would go about describing it..White clean sand, gentle breeze-as if saying 'stay calm and quiet like me' (me-meaning the breeze!), lovely scenery: you can watch the far-off mountains trying to hide from being sighted, swaying coconut palms, beautiful huts....and less crowd compared to that in other Northern Goa beaches. No one usually travels that far down south..except those who really want to visit the most beautiful beach or those who are driving from the south.
The most strange feature of the beach is that-mostly foreigners throng the beach..and very few Indians can be spotted here and there..
If you are crazy about note that you can possibly take all the lovely snaps here. The scenery is just a treat to watch..
Anyone visiting Goa, please make it a point to visit would be extremely delighted-take my word for it!

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