Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Solitude: thats a different kind of fun!!

I guess most people would differ in their opinion from that of mine about being or travelling alone. I wonder what people feel when they are totally alone in a new place. It is an experience of a lifetime..which you wish that you forget soon, but you wont be able to! For a moment you feel that you are totally free to do anything that you could possibly do in the world, which you could have probably not done otherwise..You totally forget about all those people who care so much for you.. and most importantly theres no one to give you uninvited advices (wait...you will realise the importance of these advices later)!

While walking along a beach alone..Wow! Thats when you feel that you are realllllly alone! There's not even a person along with you who could take your snap ;-) No fool would want to want to go to a beach alone..but I did(especially after being warned that it is not a safe place)!!!
When you go to have late dinner in a restaurant along a beautiful pool side- the most frustrating moment is when the guy doesnt even give you the menu card because he thinks that you are waiting for someone to join:( This is when you would hate to be alone-while having food in such a beautiful place.
But then shopping alone is a unique experience which you would never forget. You certainly wish that you had someone with you-but thats ok!
Now think of this: You are inside a black Mercedes Benz- It is so 'royal' ish and you are all alone!!!(there is the driver of course!) How would you feel? This is certainly a great feeling-being inside a Mercedez-lovely soft cream coloured seats, you are having an amazing drive and on top of all this, just guess what the people looking at you from outside must be thinking... something great about you. You are so excited-but there is no one along with you. This is a terrible feeling!

These are the thoughts that would probably come to your mind: You would probably wonder what this life is all about..why are you here-alone..and how wonderful it will be if you could find someone who you know of, in this totally lonely place..
All in all, its a great experience that you would never forget. You were all excited initially when you discovered the independence that you have in being alone-then you go through a phase in which you feel lonely- finally when it is coming to an end, you relish it and you feel:
"Solitude-thats a different kind of fun!!!!"

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Karthik said...

Nicely written! This kind of solitude is required once in a while to kind of recharge oneself in life. It is the time when you patiently think about a lot of things which otherwise you will never even want to think of.
After coming back you will be more fresh and enthusiastic than before.