Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Confusion and frustration...the good part of it!

Seems like it is good to get confused every now and then. This will make you 'think'. So you consider a lot of things, suddenly you seem to have a lot of options to choose from. It could be any event. As you keep thinking, you will find that you have a lot of ways that you could lead your life through.This, no doubt leads to lot of frustration and confusion. But it is a nice experience. You cant always expect decisions to be imposed upon you..I mean you need to think, take decisions by yourself.

What is good about getting confused?
Time moves on (if you believe in the 'time' concept-I don't!) and things become clear. As you move on, you will start finding solutions and will be able to make your own decisions.I personally feel that you will gain more strength and clarity as you move on in a so-called 'confused life'.

Think of it this way..there is some kind of a training or a learning phase that your 'mind' needs to undergo so that it becomes stronger. So, the sense of frustration is unnecessary. I quote: "If necessity is the mother of invention, frustration is the mother of creation". So, when you are frustrated, you tend to think a lot and focus on a particular field which you would have otherwise not bothered too much about. Your energies get channelized. Where frustration tends to develop new qualities in you and help you discover the unknown 'you' within yourself, it is good. But if you get into mental depression and lose inner balance..it is obviously bad!

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i 7 said...

its better to be positive, but do you really believe its better to be confused than to be lucid? U say- "I personally feel that you will gain more strength and clarity as you move on in a so-called 'confused life'". But wher do u gain, if u becum stronger and clear after being attenuated perpetually and obfuscated? At the max u wud be neutralizing the negatives and improvising. And 'improvising' is not necessarily 'progressing'.
u state,"you believe in the 'time' concept-I don't!" Here r u tryin to say that u dont believe in "time is the best healer" concept? appears so, coz u cant deny time itself, can u?
its always easier to speak abt bad times when they hve passed, but introspect and tell me dint u hate the seconds that u spent in frustration? wud u ever pray to go tru that phase again? beware, im nt talking abt frustration fr just a few seconds, but fr months and years!