Saturday, April 08, 2006

Can you tell me how to interpret this?

I was riding back home after having attended a basic Pranic healing course. It was around 6.45pm and I was observing the sky that was painted with light blue that gradually got mixed with a strange patch of fading crimson red. It was looking like a strange shape. I got so involved in watching it that I almost forgot that I was riding..

I reached home in a few minutes and decided to take a snap of this strange shape. As there is no open space on top of my house, I went to a friend's house immediately, to reach the second floor of their house and I adjusted my camera to take a snap of this image before it faded away. The first snap that I took was very strange in that, the camera caught an image of something that was actually not there. It was a huge white circle that has a strange shape within itself. I took another snap in anticipation of that same shape reappearing, but this time it didnt! I took a few more snaps and the camera could catch only what was actually visible, which looks like the one in the above snap.
Now, look at the snap below. This was what I was referring to as the first snap.. that looked strange.

What is this huge perfect circle? There was no such physical or visible object there. Can you also observe some strange object within that circle? I was so astonished..not that my camera could catch something that 'I' was unable to see. It was an experience like never before! I couldnt believe my eyes..Well, actually the camera!

Some people said that it is the sun.. but there was no sun there, as you can see from Figure 1. My brother said that it is a raindrop. I dont think it can be that huge and on top of it, there was no rain! It cant be dust on the camera lens either, or could it be? Because, in that case, there would be so many dust particles and not all of them would manifest as one huge white perfect-circle with some kind of an aura around it!!

And yes, there is no photography trick involved here!!

Any ideas? Any guesses? How do I interpret this?? Will I find an answer? Just getting very curious to know..


chandru said...

i guess it is dust, if anything remotely round is out of focus , it will look round. try to focus the moon when it is half and in the process you might end up seeing a blur full moon. so i guess you have focused the background and the dust which is out of focus is round.
the reason why it is white is because you might have turned on your flash. flash only works for 10 m , and the dust might have lit uo where as the background might not have, as it was too far.

Jitha said...

Ahh.. what a major scientific and spiritual discovery.
You have changed the outlook of science completely. I'm shell-shocked.
I bow before thee for discovering this wonderful thing (whatever it is !!)

unforgiven said...

Its aliens.
Believe it or not.


Even yourself.

The aliens are coming.

Kk said...

I don wanna ruin ur belief if u believe that., that's somethin extraordinary., but 4m my experience., I've noticed that dust particles very close to the cam., esp when shootin a light source such as a bulb ., or here the fadin sun can b lit up like that. Just a guess..,

SanGan said...

u can find the similar photograph under the following link

its one of the evidence for UFO.

satish c bakaraju said...

I dont know what exactly is that circle..but i am very curious to know wat is that....

Nanditha said...

Well, it is actually that speck of dust on the lens!