Tuesday, May 23, 2006


The truth is out there and in here and everywhere..


Karthik said...

You seem to be really confused!! Maybe you need a break.

Nanditha said...

Well..I am not quite sure what you understood from what I said and what I meant by 'closed eyes'. I am pretty confident about what I mean and am really really NOT confused.

Kk said...

Good post., but I believe u cannot just know the truth by closin ur eys., open ur eyes., look around u., then close ur eyes., n then u'll realise the truth !

Ash the Tech said...

Hi there! Interesting post there. I think you are actually right, when you keep your eyes open you tend to miss the obvious some times. Please tell me by any chance are you a student of psychology?

harsha said...

Yeah, the truth is definitely there..But once you get to it, you really don't have to close your eyes to see it.. it just stays there..and you can see it everywhere..

Ram Prasad Bojanki said...

Appreciate it.
But are we missing the word RELATIVE ??
Just my 2 cents.

Abyss|Ashwin said...

I contradict.

Truth is wt u sense frm ur eyes,ears...etc and interpret from them.

So truth is not behind closed eyes.
As ram Ram said truth is "Relative" to idiosyncracies of ppl.Something which is true fr me is nt true fr another.

Nanditha said...

Exactly! Thats why you probably didnt get what I meant.

satish c bakaraju said...

i have one relation between time+life..

If u love life
Dont waste time
Because life is made of time.