Saturday, June 24, 2006


I was just thinking how strong the effect of ignorance is on people. It makes them think so incorrectly, do wrong things, perform actions for which they themselves will repent later etc.,.
I cant believe that it is so strong;for, how else could all this be happening!

I have observed that no matter how strong your so-called destiny(if you believe in one) is, it is 'your will' and only 'your will' that can drive this ignorance away.

Of course, your decision to will to take up this marathon task could be influenced by others/discussions. But, it is only 'your' will to gain knowledge that can help you.
Thats what 'I' have learnt.

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Ulagalandha Perumal Dharanipathy said...

Quite true..

Sometimes Temptations are so greater that Will tries to hide into logical shadows..And finally as you saw repentance comes with a vengeance..