Sunday, September 10, 2006

Schumacher's last F1 season or should I say, "The LAST interesting F1 season for us"?

Well, this posting would make more sense if you follow 'Formula one'.
Today's Italian Grand Prix at Monza will go down in the history of Formula one as one of the most historical races ever. The circuit in Monza has always been quite challenging than any other circuits. The race here has always been packed with special and surprising events. And today's was no exception.

I am not going to write about the summary of the race. But, I felt quite emotional towards the end and hence I thought I should write down what I felt about today's Italian Grand Prix.

Kimi Raikonnen is my favourite racer (Schumi is my favourite too) and he clinched the pole position for today's race by being 0.002 seconds faster than Michael Schumacher! Now, how close is that?! Even before the race started, there was a lot of excitement. And there were several reasons for it:

1. Italy is Ferrari's home country. And they were just 2 points behind Renault in the constructor's championship. There were hundreds of thousands of fans in red, with the Ferrari flags all over, looking forward for Ferrari to clinch the lead position.

2. Michael Schumacher was just 12 points behind Fernando Alonso in the driver's championship and although he would not be able to take lead at the end of this race, people were looking forward for him to close in on Alonso in terms of the points.

3. Alonso was penalised five places for apparently blocking Massa during the qualifying and hence we were looking forward for him to be all charged up during the race!

4. And of course, the big one: Schumacher was expected to let the world know about the decision on his retirement from Formula one this year, at the end of the race.

Always, I used to pray that the race shouldn't get over soon, as all the excitement would end. But today was different. I was looking forward for it to end soon!
Now, could it get bigger than this? It actually did!! Read on...

Like I already said, I am not telling the whole story. To cut it short, Schumacher took over the race leader Kimi pretty soon. There was a huge roar from the fans as soon as Kimi went in for his first pitstop and Schumi took over the race lead!

And to me, the most exciting moment was when
Alonso's car's engine blew up and he had to retire from the race. ---->
(Wow! Amazing smoke, isn't it?!)

Of course, Schumacher had an emotional win- his 90th Grand Prix victory!!! Think about that! What a career it has been! Amazing! Brilliant!
<------ (Look at Schumi here as he crosses the finish line)
When I initially said that it actually got bigger,(than the beginning of the race) I wasn't kidding.
Think about this: Schumacher's victory and Alonso's failure now leaves Schumi only 2 points behind Alonso. And Ferrari gaining 2 points over Renault to take the lead in the constructor's championship- IN THEIR HOME- ITALY!!!

It was certainly an amazing event-packed race today!
At the end of the race, there came the moment- As soon as Schumi parked his car, there were so many emotional scenes. Then Schumi was so happy on the podium, he couldnt wait to lift that trophy and I havent seen him stay up there on the podium along with his sporting director Jean Todt for such a long time!

A lot of fans thronged the place in front of the podium! Look at the number of "reds" out there! I havent seen a crowd like this.

Then came the moment which we were all looking forward to- and as expected, he announced his retirement from Formula one at the end of this season. The kind of professional driver that Schumi is, he knew that this was a very appropriate time to announce his decision. And he did that in a perfectly professional style. It was qute an emotional moment, I am sure, but like they say, all good things must come to an end. And Schumi's career is no exception. I cannot put it in better words than Schumi did. Read this.
(I liked the way he said: "The fans have the right to know"!
We certainly did!)

All in all, Formula one has certainly not seen a driver better than Schumi. He has been the most professional and talented of all drivers, winning race after race in grand style. 90 Grand prix victories as of today puts him ahead of all the racers in the history of motor racing. We can never find a racer like him who can rule any circuit. Just give him the right car, a car that matches his talent and he will do the rest!

Formula one seasons from next year- 2007 will certainly be less interesting and less competitive than they have been till now, I am sure. I can bet anything on that!
Schumi will continue to be associated with his Ferrari team in one way or the other in future, I guess. And the team will certainly be looking forward to that.

Ok.. leaving all these emotions behind, we better look forward to the most exciting part of this season, which is yet to come. Schumi would certainly wish to retire as a WORLD CHAMPION. Nothing less than that would be a fitting farewell for him and his Ferrari team.
Now, I can't wait for the three more races this year. And especially the next one in China- where I wish and hope and pray that Schumi will take lead and be officially crowned the World champion. And I hope he will retain that till the end of this season!

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