Saturday, September 09, 2006

Silver jubilee celebration of my school

Hmm... today I was one of the invitees to my school- "Auden Institute of education" which was celebrating its silver jubilee function. This school is a 5 minutes walk from my house. I was initially invited to speak on the occasion. It was after nearly 8 years that I was officially visiting the school, although I had been there a couple of times in between. I was very well received and then the function began. Then came the time for students to speak. And to my surprise, I wasnt called out to speak!! I felt very bad about it, since the very reason I was there was to speak today.
Then I had to tell them that I wanted to speak and there I was on the stage. I was invited with to speak, finally...
I spoke thus:
"Good morning everyone. I dont know if I was on the agenda today,(I particularly said this because I wanted to make them aware of their mistake) but I wanted to speak because I feel that I have spent the maximum number of years that any student can spend in a school here. So, I wanted to share my experience. When I was in my school and was asked to speak, I used to hesitate. Today, I myself have come up to speak. So, I think I have grown up a bit since my school days!

It feels great to be part of the silver jubilee function of my school. Let me take you back to 1986 when I joined this school for LKG(lower kindergarten). The school started in a small house on this same street and there were very few students. I dont remember all the 2 years, but I can only say that it was a unique experience! Then, if I remember right, we moved to this new building in 1988 for my 1st standard. After joining the school, I continued all the way for 12 years till 1998 till my 10th standard in this very same Auden school. The building was new in 1988, the school was growing and so, I can say that I grew up along with the school!

People ask me if I did not get bored staying in the same place for 12 years. Certainly no. I did not find any need to quit the school. We had all the faculty and facilities that we needed here. May not be as much as we have today, but we had all that was required during that time.
I know that it was "Teacher's day" a few days ago. On this occasion, I would like to thank all my teachers, the Principal and resource persons right from day 1 till 1998 in this school and to all those in the other institutions I went to, for their encouragement and support.

I am glad to have contributed my bit to the school.

One more thing I wanted to talk was about an 'alumni meet'. It would be good to have an alumni group or website or 'alumni meet' probably once in a year or twice in a year, where we could all get together, share our experience and thoughts; and interact actively with the school.

I think thats all I wanted to say. I thank you for having given me an opportunity to speak today. I think the last time I spoke here was in 1998 during the 10th standard farewell or I dont even remember if I spoke then. So, it feels good to be speaking today. I did not prepare for my speech today because I thought I will speak whatever comes to my mind on the diaz. It has been quite sometime since I made a speech. So, I think I have a grown a bit!

I once again thank you one and all. Thank you very much..." and I walked back...

My teachers and Principal were silent for a moment, as they could not believe that a very silent girl that I used to be in my school days has come up today and spoken thus. My Principal came up to me while we were havng lunch and said: " I couldnt believe that it was the same Nanditha who was speaking today. You spoke very well. I wanted to tell this on the stage itself. GREAT!! "
All my teachers said so.. They said: "This is probably Intel effect! Intel has taught you how to speak". I completely agree with them. I said: "Yes. Intel has taught me how to speak!!"

All said and done, we had lunch and went around the school taking snaps and meeting teachers and went back home. It was certainly a great experience and a special occasion that I will not forget for a long time.

And one thing that I would never forget would be, of course, the bold speech that I made and like one of the teachers said:"You spoke very well. You spoke straight from the heart. No preparations, no written speech- straight out!! Very well done".
Yes I know it was straight out...

I would never forget these words. I wish I had recorded my speech!

I certainly enjoyed it. Thats why the first thing that I did after coming home was to put down everything in my blog out here, before I forget each and every word that I spoke. I know that they remain in my memory, but I feel that it is necessary to document such occasions and preserve the snaps and sweet memories.

(I cant remember how many times I have edited this blog before completing it. And even after publishing it, I have re-edited and re-published and edited and published and re-published and......!!)

I am sure I will read this blog more frequently than anyone else would and than any other blog of mine!!
I enjoyed it. Completely!

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Akash said...

Very nice! this blog entry took me back to my school days...

interestingly everything matches with my schooldays except 6th rank in SSLC but I scored good...

even my school started in one small house near my home and I visited my school recently and they also told me that i was so silent those days n now talking too much... only thing i didnt observe was intel-effect :)

anywayz nice writing.. keep writing.. will continue to read... :)

Kash aka Akash