Sunday, December 17, 2006

A 'unique' experience of Singapore

Wait. I know what you are thinking. The title of my blog is a bit misleading. Did you think that my experience at Singapore was awesome and mindblowing? Well, not quite. It wasn't a unique experience in that sense. But it was certainly unique- in what sense? Read on..
I had a 20 hour layover at Changi and I had planned to visit Sentosa. I had about 10 hours to visit all the places that I wanted to. I went over to Sentosa that I desperately wanted to visit. But I wasn't quite impressed! The most awesome was the 4D theatre. This was an amazing experience! It was 3.30pm by the time I left Sentosa. I then went shopping in the Arab street. There was so less time and so much to shop. I unfortunately came across this damn cell phone shop. I wanted to buy a cell phone in Japan, but I almost gave up my hope to buy one. When I found this damn shop at the Bugis market, I bought, rather I was made so convinced to buy a Motorola L7 instead of a Sony ericsson(that I wanted to buy). I wasted so much time- atleast 15mins in this shop that I hardly had any time to look at the other shops. I later figured out that the cell phone was a lot less expensive in India and thats why I kept saying that it is a 'damn' phone and a 'damn' shop. It was 5pm by now and it was time to run back.
I know that I havent seen Singapore enough, but my first impression is that it isn't after all that 'great'. Of course, I liked Bugis- probably the biggest "street-shopping" area in Singapore- as it claims itself to be. People have started believing that I am a shopping freak! But, I only stop by each shop and keep spending a couple of dollars. And then I finally end up wondering where all my money went!
I had so less time, I had so much to do and I was able to visit all those places that I wanted to. I had actually not planned to go the 4D theatre, but that experience was the most awesome of all! It was all perfectly timed. I would have probably enjoyed it better if I had more time.
No one would ever want to visit Sentosa in such a 'unique' way as I did, well- sarcastically 'unique'- with such less time in hand and most importantly- all ALONE!! ;-) Never mind. I enjoyed it anyway..


G S Seshu Kiran said...

What I pull out is- you just bought a cell phone out of your whole expedition!

The fancy factor of a cellphone is a big MAYA. I just look at.. a box with a telephony-subsystem, storage-subsystem and such for network, physical interfaces(PCMCIA, SDIO etc) and of course the display and UI subsystem.

It is interesting to see, how people get swayed by the 'appeal'.
But I adore SonyEricson phones for their powerful 3D accelerators.

I had a 1999's very primitive model of NOKIA with dot-matrix LCD and a plumpy battery, it used to slump from my shirt's pocket. The females around used to spoof about this felt uncomfortable to see a junky around with a junky phone...

Then I graduated to Kyocera cdma fone that runs with lot of software bugs and ergonomic problems.. it endured to stay with me for an year and since then I lost 3 phones, with the last one lost in the last month.

If I see anyone buying a new phone, or the teen blokes holding a camera phone makes me feel big about them

Anyways it's unique experience though.. because your title says it ;)

G S Seshu Kiran said...

But the 4D theatre sounds exciting..

Nanditha said...

Well, you might want to read the last couple sentences of this posting which says why it was sarcastically 'unique'!

Samhita said...

now.. I practially name it Self-Date. True- we never give and spend so much for ourselves. Probably this concept should be bloated and should be made a regular usage!

really even I miss myself so much..