Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Its been a while since I blogged- until someone reminded me that I had to write something atleast! Thanks for reminding! So, blogging based on demand!

I am sure many of us have had this experience about which I am going to talk today-
We somehow end up visiting a place, after hearing about it from friends or after reading about it somewhere- it could be a hill station or a piligrim place or some 'peaceful' place. You might be visiting that place for the first time or you might be visiting that place after a really really long time. Sometimes you feel that this is not the first time you are visiting the place or you feel you have been visiting the place since ages.
I had this experience recently- I felt so attached to this place that I felt I have been staying there since ages, although I visited it only for the second time in my life so far. I had visited it 15years ago, but I dont exaclty remember everything. If you count that visit too, it would be 3 times that I visited this place.
And after I came back home, I felt I was missing this place so much- everything there- and it was as if I had left my mind there and I need to go there to get it back! I am sure it wouldn't come back- given a choice! And I wish/hope it doesn't!

Anyway, I am going to describe two incidents here:

There was a small river in that place which had a lot of ripples (yeah, I prefer to call them ripples)- and I saw the reflection of the sun in that water. Every wave in that river near that reflection seemed to show numerous 'suns' split up. A comparison came to my mind.
Sun== ??
Lets leave the question mark as it is in this posting. There are a couple of reasons why I want to leave the question mark as it is:
1) If you know the answer, there is no need for me to say.
2) And if you dont know the answer, there's no point in me saying. You probably would call me a fool if I tell what it is.
So, lets leave it as it is...
Continuing on our correlation, how the ripples called thoughts strike the mind and make us think/see the "one" as" many". When those ripples subside, what do you see in the water? There are not many 'suns'- there is just that one guy- and this one sun was always only 'ONE'. It was never many!

The next day, I heard a German (I think he was a German) talk very good Sanskrit in this place(of course, this place is in India) and I got curious to know what he was talking about with an Indian guy. So I overheard what he was saying. I must admit- he knew much better Sanskrit and philosophy than that Indian- and it was not fake knowledge. He had truly learnt something and was practising what he had learnt. He was a great guy!
Anyway, he was saying- 'When there are no thoughts, the mind is still (just like that river without ripples) and the mind is as good as KILLED'.
Well, you must have heard the way he said that sentence-'The mind is as good as killed'. The word 'Killed' just struck my mind so strongly.

These two incidents- one- the thoughts that came to my mind near the river and the other about the German's sentence- they go together so well! Probably a mere coincidence- .. But they both are so very TRUE!


Ulagalandha Perumal Dharanipathy said...

A nice insight! The premonition you have visited place arises out of the anticipation of the mind to be in such places. Your inner conscience keeps yearning for a peaceful environment and when you are finally in such a place, it manifests your outer soul to believe that you have been there adding to that satisfaction, in other words, at the success of the pursuit of happiness.
Maybe your inner self wants you to be there, you might try visiting again and take a break there and maybe sit peacefully allowing your mind to travel by its self into its own path..
You might really discover something sensational..

Samhita said...

hmm.. on demand blogging!

I saw this on the same day u published it but took time to get into what u really meant.

i 'think' the need to 'kill' persisits as long as 'me' is present. n may be thoughts are the associations between 'me' and anything.

did u ever experience something like- you don't exist and you still concisously move around n do everything..