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I have been silent on the blog for a long time. In fact, my earlier blog was also kind of an on-demand blogging! You must be wondering if I wrote this blog about 'silence' just to break that 'silence'. Well, "probably not" or "can't say" would be my reply! But I thought I should say something about it here .. so, here I go..
I have always liked to be silent, rather preferred to remain silent, not talk much kinds. In fact, I said this in one of my interviews 3 years ago. They asked me to describe myself- that usual crap question they keep asking in interviews. And I said: "I am a silent person"! (Something you would never want to say in an interview!!) The idea behind saying this was- 1. I was telling the truth. 2.I was hoping they wouldnt select me for the job- that was a software company and I didnt intend to work there.
Anyway.. coming back to the topic of discussion.. If you observe the kinds of talks that keeps happening around you, it would not be an exaggeration if I say that atleast 90% of them are almost always non-sense. Talks like: People would wake you up and ask: "Oh, were you sleeping", they would see you going for lunch and ask: "did you have lunch?" They would see you in a book store and ask: "Oh did you come to buy books?" (I must have said: "Nah.. I just came looking for someone!) Mostly, you talk because: 1) You want to say something for the heck of it, although you really dont want to or 2) You talk so that the other person doesnt feel bad about the fact you didnt talk.

The point number 2 above makes sense.. but I dont believe in the first one..

And what really makes sense need not be talked about always. You may find yourself talking about it once or twice, but not more. There are certain things which can be conveyed to the other without any words.. silence! Thats the best way of communication and I say this because at the end of it you would have experienced that joy of having communicated what you intended to. I have had many questions that I intended to ask 'some people', which I never asked, but still, I found answers. I have personally experienced this over the last month. Some people kept saying that I should have spoken to atleast those some 'people' when there were very good opportunities to talk, but I kept saying: "Silence is what we prefer". ('We' here means- me and the other(s).

There are certain places I have been to over the last few weeks where I have seen people talk all crap. The discussions are totally out-of context. What is the use of such crappy gossip? I dont believe in 'talking just for the heck of it'. If I want to talk to someone, what happens most of the time is that I call them up, talk for a couple of minutes and then remain silent as though I hung up on them! The person at the other end would keep wondering why I do this, not just once or twice, but all the time!

Of course, remaining silent doesnt hold good with everyone and at all times. I am not saying that we remain silent completely at all times. (although I would wish to be so) But atleast in some aspects- it remains the best mode of communication. You may ask me- "What are those some aspects?" Like I already said- the things that make sense 'at all times' and remain true at all times no matter what, do not need to be discussed, they do not need to be talked about more than a couple of times. Mere talking is not going to help even a damn bit. Like Swami Vivekananda says: "Even parrots can do the talking"!


Samhita said...


Samhita said...

the above comment is for you. and one more comment here for people who'll read your blog and comments.

it's true when u say 90% of 'social' talk is noise; energy and bandwidth without information in it.

i am just thinking- what is best way to optimize business talk?

Nanditha said...

Ok.. business talk- thats a huge topic in itself. I will write something later. Thanks for the topic :-)