Monday, June 11, 2007

Great principles..

Wonderful is the society and environment that we are brought up in. A child that is born to a "poor" family is only taught one thing: How to make its bread.. how to earn, nah.. beg for money. On the other hand, a child thats born "rich" is also taught that the only goal of its life should be to make money, nah more and more money.
(I dont like to mention poor/rich, but to convey what I want to and for all practical purposes, I will let the words remain)
These children grow up with this attitude.. become engineers, businessmen, doctors and whatever crap there is to be.... and... their only goal is to make money.. Money.. money.. money.. go after money.. and is there an end? The end is met only when all their desires subside. And the desires do not subside till you stop running behind money. Is there an end? I ask again.. Neither is there an end to such desires nor to running behind money.

So, the reason behind discussing this topic is that I ran into an argument and I was told: "Yes. there need not be an end to running behind money.. It should be ongoing".. yeah right.. forever!
I asked- "Are there no principles in life, other than money?" I was told.. well guess what.. the same old thing that the society that we are brought up in keeps saying:" Principles cannot be applied in practical life. Principle is one thing, practical life is another."

I get so disgusted to be even involved in such arguments.. These people do not understand principles, much less do they know what they mean by "practical" life.. If you want to live an unprincipled life, I dont care, go on.. God Bless you! May all the blessings of the world be on you and may you succeed! I dont have a bit of jealousy that you succeeded.. nor do I care how much money you make more than me!
Why do people not grow the children up throwing some principles in their minds.. yeah, where would they throw it from, unless they had any..

And talk about education... Parents would be scared to send their children to schools which teach them principles.. Everything is centered around money-making.. Yeah.. go on.. I dont care even a damn bit. I am not saying that money is not needed or to give up all your money and go to forests! "Money is not the whole point" Think of something beyond. If you really thought of something beyond, you would have no mind to think of money!
Stop your mind for a moment.. well yeah.. apparently.. look behind on how you let it run like a dog.. and you will be so ashamed that you will start laughing at it.. Yeah.. what else can you do then?!
Stop all the non-sense talks. If you let the mind run behind money.. it will run forever.. I really mean- FOREVER. You can try if you want! Its an infinite loop.. do you know what I mean?

Never mind.. you can run after money.. I am not asking you to stop. But for God's sake, please stop talking such non-sense as : "Principles cannot be applied in practical life.. they are only good for philosophical study.. they are just theories". If principles are only theories and cannot be applied, dont study them. Throw them out of your minds as if you never heard them and God bless you! What good are the principles if they cannot be applied? As long as we have such people, our principles will remain only in the good old books and will be theories forever- "good to hear" kind of stuff. Dont ask me how many such people are in this country.. how many such people are in this world.

If you dare, go.. face the society and live your life with whatever principles you believe in. Else, you are free to live any kind of life you want- but dont talk non-sense. You are free to live the life of a hell.. but please dont pull others into it.

It is very rarely that I talk these days and when I started to talk something, it led into arguments like all this crap I wrote..So I realised silence is the best! (In support of my previous posting!)
I wanted to let this out of my mind and into this blog...


Samhita said...


Samhita said...

hey.. Long back after I read this one, I thought- she is writing the most obvious thing!

I have encountered exactly the same conversation with people these days. then I realize how 'unbvious' it is for people to think beyond money!

Then I really read and re-read these lines. Interesting enough- these people make this belief a contagious one!

a bunch of chacolates and ice-creams for you!
-tell me which flavor you want?

unforgiven said...

There are only three ways I can think of that would make someone stop running after money.

a.) They get a lot of money, and see how hollow it is to have just that
b.) Hit this realization on their own, through thought and reflection (a rarity)
c.) Have something else comes up which is much more valuable to them for that period in time

Unfortunately none of these are permanent. Money has that magical a lure.

It's funny right, time and money, the two things that are so in shortage in today's world, both are nothing but created concepts.

We end up feeling we have none of the first because we're always running after the second.

Irony, thy name is life.

Akash said...

hmmm In online/video games u have score and in real life u have money... without this life n game both are not interesting...

Akash said...

n we should also score more with style :)