Saturday, August 04, 2007


I just thought of posing a simple question:

"What is it that makes apparently possible something that is inherently impossible?"


Samhita said...

can u define 'inherently impossible' ?

not things like in physics or math.. (i hope u may be referring to human psychology..)

Samhita said...

if u have just used the word 'impossible' it should have been a positive articulation. by using the word 'inherent' u r pitching some sober topic..

shiva said...

its indian arranged marriage system that makes inherently impossible apparently possible.and ofcourse indian attitude. :-)

Nanditha said...

good jokes coming in..
keep them coming..

Ramprasad said...

If you are talking philosophically I think it is "Death" which makes apparently possible something which is inherently impossible.

shiva said...
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unforgiven said...


Take your pick.