Thursday, January 31, 2008

The infinite oceanic view!

(Click on the snap for a larger view)

This snap was shot in Goa and yeah, I know it is an awesome picture..and I really dont remember how I managed to capture such a beautiful snap. It has been my wallpaper since yesterday.. You feel like the sea looks like an ocean and it looks endless etc., But there's something more to it than just that..

Think of this.. Think of an infinite ocean, I know it is totally meaningless as it is hard for the mind to think of infinity. It will start thinking infinity as some 'infinite entity' and if it is an entity, it can't be infinite. Anyway, with due regards to the mind's imagining capacity, let's for a moment 'imagine' an infinite ocean.. so it is obviously never-ending, it doesnt have a beginning and no end. A bird is flying- dont ask me where it started from- because I already said we are in an 'imaginitive framework' where we are thinking of infinity through the finite mind. So, let's forget the questions of start and end and where and why for some time..

Anyway, the bird keeps on flying and flying hoping to find an island or tree where it can rest and this hope makes it to continue to fly and fly and fly. Then after a long time, it realises that the ocean is endless and it starts getting scared.
(I know it is meaningless to talk of time in 'infinity', but thats the limitation of putting your thought through words.. so dont think you are too smart if you picked this error!! I guess this disclaimer is very much essential especially for smart readers :))

It looks everywhere for a tree or boat or island, but doesn't find anything.. And luckily (dont ask me how it got this luck), after ages.. it finds a log on the ocean where it immediately finds rest.. So, it doesn't have any hesitation to go and rest on this log and when it reaches that log, it finds many similar birds there :) Oh, Come on, I am just describing the above picture!

And now, the same scary ocean is no longer scary.. the bird starts enjoying the ocean view, because it suddenly starts thinking that it is actually 'seeing infinity' - the infinite ocean:) And what joy can you behold if you actually see infinity and are part of it! (Again see infinity is meaningless, but still- for lack of better words :))

So, now if the bird decides to fly again, isn't it foolish? So, it never tries to fly, and even if it does, like one or two birds in the picture, it is just flying very few inches above and around the log, as if to say: "Look, I have beautiful wings and I know I can actually use them"!! And the other birds in the picture are watching these flying birds, as if with surprise and some amount of fear, thinking- 'Oh, are these birds again going away? I hope they don't'

Hmm.. so when the birds thought if these birds were going away again, does it mean that the birds that are trying to go away were already there in the beginning? And it is just that, they left their home and flew and flew and forgot their home, till they got scared and prayed for help.. and then the help came- the destination was the same as the source! No, it is not non-sense, it is all in the picture and in the innocent look of the lonely bird that is sitting on the bottom right corner watching the flying bird so cutely! Look, all of them are watching and looking up, none of them are bowing their heads or holding their proud beaks down like human-beings!!

And they are all facing the ocean.. with so much innocence, completely submitting themselves to the will of the log.. yes, it's upto the will of the log! Well, do you ask how can the log will? Why should it not? Just because you think it cannot?

And look at the ocean for a moment in the snap, how the sun is shining and making it look like some jewels on the water. And the waves! Are they different from the ocean?! Look how they rise thinking that they are waves and then they have to fall back to the same ocean and realise they were never separate from the ocean.. in essence, they were always just 'water' :)

What do you feel looking at the infinite water if you enjoyed swimming? You want to just go out there and swim and swim and swim to your heart's content, isn't it? Don't you feel like just holding as much water as you can with all your hand's capacity and drink and drink and drink? :)

Wow.. there's so much that this picture says, isnt it? Kudos to the 'imaginitive' and 'decisive' faculty and the one knowledge that makes these thoughts shine forth.. Essentially, it is this knowledge that comes out through words.. , I guess!

Now, stop thinking that I am crazy in thinking this way and may be, some people might say I am confused, but I guess it is much better to be confused than thinking crap all the time..

I guess I have read this posting a few times again and again and have been editing and adding to it.. I guess, I must just stop reading it now, else it might get too boring and long that I myself may not want to read it again!


Praveen Pai said...

Wow! I dont know where to start and where to end my comment feeling like inifnite. And beautifully put, it is true, you can feel something which is beyond "sorry again have to use some word to explain" hehehe but language really lack the ability to make you feel that which is beyond... like inifnite. You have to just feel it thats it! Cant explain! I liked the narration "one bird flying on the infinite ocean of no begining nor end" ... toooooooo good

Ramprasad said...

Only a few "lucky" birds would get that wisdom and scare to realise endlessness of the infinite ocean while others continue flying with their hope to find the right destination.And only a very few "blessed" birds among these lucky ones would further have the courage to surrender to the will of log despite knowing that the destination happened to be same as source.Definitely they are the ones who enjoy being part of infinite.

Humble congratulations to your intellect and imagination for spotting and interpreting the amazing subtleties in that picture !!

shiva said...

I have read this posting a few times again and again and have been editing and adding to it..

hmm its same as u think about birds flying in an imaginative infinite world to get the best and solid log to be a better habitant.if u think birds should or should not confine to log,well since thinking is infinite in real world, we can edit our writings and add every second depending on our processing speed.

a good philosophical expression.:D