Friday, February 01, 2008

Google alerts!

I have been browsing the 'help' menu of this blogspot to find out how people get alerts when I update my blog, almost instantaneously! :) I looked at the site feed - linked to Google reader. And I never knew I had permitted to share my entire blog through the site feed.. I never knew about the Reader, it is really such a good thing..
But, I thought this person doesnt probably login to Reader all the time everyday.. so, thats not probably the way it is done!

And I stumbled upon the Google alert and thought that's probably it- because it sends you an email. I subscribed my own blog to 'Google alert me' and I am writing this posting to see if that's the way it works! :)

Stop laughing.. if you are still reading.. If this is the way the alert works, then I found it out myself.. although probably very late! And I would probably delete this posting. If not, hmm... I will have to think more about it..


Karthik said...

i think you are totally confused!
all the best! :-)

Nanditha said...

I think I was trying to find an answer to a simple question and honestly wrote what all I did, and if you call it confusion, oh sorry- 'total confusion', thanks for letting me know this new 'definition' of confusion :-))