Monday, February 25, 2008

.. and someone had time for God

There is atleast one place where people think or are bound to think of the existence of something beyond whatever their eyes can see. Even an atheist who believes in whatever he believes or doesnot believe in what others believe, is bound to believe in something beyond.. when? where? is the question. He might have seen thousands and millions of people praying and never believed in it.. but he will believe in something beyond what he sees- when?

There is one place- where people are praying every second of their remaining life, forgetting that there is this 'small-I' that exists, completely surrendering everything to whoever is beyond.. and no one here in this place is hesitant to say that he went to a temple, no one hesitates to keep kumkum, eat prasadam, keep a picture of whatever form of God, offer prayers, keep fruits and flowers that were given to him as prasadam from all kinds of temples, forget that he has to eat all kind of nice stuff and see all the nice stuff, and cry and cry praying to none but God- which is this place? And no, that place is not the temple or any meditation centre or any piligrim place. But that place is- the hospital! yes- it is not a joke.. this is true..

I recently went to visit someone who I didnt know and was hesitating to give them some sugar and kumkum that I had carried, not knowing if they would accept it. I then saw few guys giving kumkum and flowers to them saying- 'everything will be alright' and they happily accepted and I gave mine too..and they were happy.
Let him be an atheist, even to him death comes.. and atleast then he is bound to think- 'Is this the end? Was this real? Is it the end of this 'I' to which I clinged all along?'

Whether the people in the hospital believed in something beyond or not and whether they do it willingly or not, they atleast want to blame someone for what they call is 'their current state brought about by fate'- and so that 'someone' is what they called God and I guess thats how the thought about God started!! And these are the most extreme cases I am talking about. And the others, of course, completely surrendered themselves as always- and say- ' He does everything.. and this is just his play. Lets watch all that he does.'
And then there are the others who- are not affected in the depths of their heart of their so-called 'current state' as they always believed in their 'belief'!

Whatever it is, I dont care if everyone disagrees with me- I felt this is one place where everyone is atleast trying to forget this so-called 'I' and submit unconditionally to that someone beyond, and it is only so much more good if they did that knowingly..

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Praveen Pai said...

Very nice representation indeed, Infact the point at which we all might really think is when we find ourselves helpless when faced with some of challenges. When we stand facing a wall and we just know we need to move ahead. How? Where? What is on the other side? True, in this place called hospital we observe one thing in common we come together all sects, caste as one race who wants to go beyond the challenge that we have come there to face. Very nice blog nanditha .... :)