Tuesday, February 05, 2008

...Inside the Mind of the Great Genius....

That's partly the name of the latest book by Fritjof Capra..

If you have read 'The Tao of Physics', it is needless for me to say how can you can completely get blown over by the thoughts in this book and it is quite hard to imagine what effort it takes to write one like that. If you read it, you will truly understand what 'effort' means. Do not get misled by the name of the book- It is not just about Physics, not just about an electron/quark..It is simply impossible for me to describe it!
After this book became a huge success, all his future books came to be known as- written by- 'The author of the best-selling Tao of Physics' and I am not even sure if people remember this guy's name more than the name of this book'!
He is not just 'yet another writer' and it is not just 'yet another book'

It is quite a different task when it comes to writing something like that and to respond aggressively to every question that the so-called 'physicists' put forward in response to this book.. It is not even easy to collect facts.. and to write some physics facts which have not been proved wrong atleast for the last 25 years is not something what you and I can do.. and to relate it to our Eastern philosophy, is something which you and I would have never imagined!
I was especially blown over by the way he compared the 'Octet arrangement of the yin-yang concept-based trigrams (of Chinese philosophy)' to the 'octet arrangement of the so-called hardons (of Physics).. and many many such things..

So, if you haven't heard before, introducing to you, one of the most gifted authors- Dr.Fritjof Capra- he is a physicist.. (I think he is Italian). He speaks about his latest book (released October 07)- "The Science of Leonardo - Inside the Mind of the Great Genius of the Renaissance."
And you can see under his name on the book- 'Author of The Tao of Physics'..
I am using my blog to promote his books.. hehe.. (..Well.. )

There is a 30-minute audio of what Fritjof spoke on his new book-and he is absolutely aware of what he is speaking and writing! Amongst the 13000 pages that Leonardo da Vinci left behind, he says, there are about a few 6000 of them left in a few places in Europe.. and he gives so much attention to subtleties like, the explanation he gives about why da Vinci used the word 'bird' instead of 'flight'! And he thinks, the word 'cognition' sounds more appealing than the word 'soul' to many people!!

After reading The Tao of Physics, I feel he would have written one more gem of a book in his own unique way in his latest book about Leonardo.. it supposedly has some 50 awesome paintings that Leonardo did and are brought out in superb quality in the book, and it is as if you need to keep reminding yourself that- "these are hand-drawn.. these are paintings..".

Nope, I dont have the book yet and I don't think it is available here..
I am going to place an order for this book and I am sure it will be more than worth the price!

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Praveen Pai said...

You definitely inspired one person to read "Tao Of Physics" :) ...