Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Was browsing through a book and came across this diagram. Just a thought.. may be I dont understand it correctly, but thought I will put it down here.
If X-Y-Z relate to the so-called "Desha-Kaala-Nimittha" or the time-space-causation and if the circles represent the various so-called planes, then does it mean that if you are at the centre, you become conscious of all planes?
Or in other words, you perceive the oneness of all, so that means, there is really no 'all planes', but just the 'one'?

And this picture really looks more 3D-ish and probably conveys my idea better. (I am not really analysing the colors in the picture! It is just one of those nice 3D diagrams that the tool shows up..)

So, if you pick any point in the graph other than the centre, does it need to have a 'form'?

It will need to have all 3 components- X,Y and Z. Or.. can one of them have a value of 'zero'?

I think- if you pick a point on X(say,space) axis, y=0, z=0, so does it mean, space isn't caused(z=0) and it is beginningless (time=0)
Similarly, pick a point on time axis- so, time isn't 'caused' and isn't limited by space.
And on z-axis, causation is beginningless and not limited to space.

Any point anywhere else, will have to have all these 3 components. (I think..)

So, overall if you consider X-Y-Z as one unit, it is meaningless to ask a question like-'Who caused X,Y and Z'. Because any causation is within X-Y-Z and who caused X-Y-Z is a question that is being asked from within X-Y-Z and cannot be answered within this. Beyond X-Y-Z, the question doesnt arise. I guess it doesn't hurt to say that the X-Y-Z is the so-called 'mind', so why mind is a useless question and it's answer can be anything.. and need not be right or wrong.

Anything imagined by the mind calls for an idea, a form. (this is nothing new.. everyone knows it)

Also, the centre - is (0,0,0), so it is not caused, beginningless and not limited by space (or present everywhere) And it is 'ONE'... Hmm... so it cannot be defined, because any definition calls for an idea and any idea is within the network of X-Y-Z/mind. And this centre 'knows' everything else! That is why it is called the 'great one' (as it is only 'ONE') or the 'eternal' (time=0), or the 'omnipresent' (space=0), 'uncaused great cause' (causation=0 and everything looks like emerging from this), omniscient 'being' (knows everything else- being the centre) and so on..

Anyway, not sure what I was trying to make out of this, but I am not sure if an idea within X-Y-Z necessarily calls for a 'form' or an 'appearance'..


Praveen Pai said...

Idea of thought bound within region of axis X-Y-Z and making any of them 0, is something very interesting and new concept I never read anywhere. New thought spurred when I read about relationship between time, space and causation in this way and making one of them 0. Mind goes to halt at idea of one of them being zero, meaning other two are independent of the which is 0. This is excellent way to analyze that we generally think in this region, where X Y Z are always having some values and center is where they do not exist. Now I can not think what this is, as in this blog says you can not think of being at center and for that matter can you make one 0 and understand :). This halts the mind at a position trying make one of the X Y Z -> 0. Maybe that what this blog does to us, halt the thinking process. Well on the lighter side: This comment has X=5 words Y=30lines Z=I do not know, and any comment I write will have values for X Y Z, for justifying this blog my comment should be no comment with X Y Z = 0, because any comment I put down will have some X Y Z. Real comment lies at the center and which is not a comment but truth. But if I do not comment how would we know that I commented with no comments??

Ramprasad said...

I don't know what exactly it takes to experience X==0 and Y==0 and Z==0, but I am just wondering if it is ever possible to "feel/know/understand"
that state without satisfying any of the conditions X!=0 or Y!=0 or Z!=0 except in total sleep and perhaps after death.

This article gave me the thrill of a dream, where I fell freely from the top of a high building.