Wednesday, August 06, 2008

As a result of googl-ing...

...I ended up finding a few good ones that succeeded to impress me..

From whose calm centre Thou, through height or depth,
Mayest penetrate, wherever truth shall lead;
Measuring through all degrees, until the scale
of time and conscious Nature disappear,
Lost in unsearchable Eternity! ('Excursion' of Wordsworth)

th' immensity of space;
that infinite diffusion, where the mind
Conceives no limits; undistinguish'd void,
Invariable, where no land-marks are,
No paths to guide imaginations' flight. (David Mallet)

Is there a God? I do not know. Is man immortal? I do not know. One thing I do know, and that is, that neither hope, nor fear, belief, nor denial, can change the fact. It is as it is, and it will be as it must be. (Robert G. Ingersoll, an agnostic)

Wax isn't wax because of its color, texture or shape, as all of these things can change and the substance still be wax. If a substance such as wax can be known in this fashion, then the same must be of ourselves. The self, then, is not determined by what we sense of ourselves.. (Rene Descartes)

Archimedes used to demand just one firm and immovable point in order to shift the entire earth; so I too can hope for great things if I manage to find just one thing, however slight, that is certain and unshakable. (Rene Descartes)

Gravity explains the motions of the planets, but it cannot explain who set the planets in motion. This most beautiful system of the sun, planets, and comets, could only proceed from the counsel and dominion of an intelligent Being. … This Being governs all things, not as the soul of the world, but as Lord over all.. The Supreme God is a Being eternal, infinite, absolutely perfect. (Newton)
(who else could talk gravity!)

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