Thursday, August 28, 2008

Evolution..or whatever..

It is but a very common experience in our so-called 'lives', that we have this habit of sometimes thinking about our past. And although our experiences would be different, we all invariably end up most of the time concluding that- we, for some reason were just a bit immature yesterday than what we are today ; that we could have faced a situation better, that we were so kiddish or silly or some such thing. And this, we sometimes call by the high-sounding terms like 'evolution'; that I have evolved! ..whatever that means, God alone knows..

We might complain that we are not happier or peaceful than what we were yesterday, but we somehow think that we are not as kiddish.. who knows, but I might come back to this blog tomorrow, only to think that I was still so kiddish today to write this out here..

Well, to be frank, I read a couple of my earlier blog postings, and felt they need not have been written and most of the content was rather immature, except for a few lines, which were sincerely straight from the heart..
They might be unnecessary now, but they made sense when they were written, so I think I can be fair to myself..

I guess that's the problem with the mind, that it dwells in the past, not knowing that even to think of the past, it has to make it the present and think. So, invariably, whether you are aware or not, whether you like it or not, you always live in the present, the 'NOW'..


Anonymous said...
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Nanditha said...

I guess, you can interpret my statements this way:
Lets say, you have a mirror and it has some dust on it. You clean up the dust and you say that the mirror looks neat.
Now,the so called evolution is similar to this cleaning up process. When you say- you became better, you are only discovering your 'originality' or the 'cycle' that you meant..