Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The 'current'

I was discussing with my friend that we are never sure if the project we are working on today will not change tomorrow. We might actually end up working on something else tomorrow, so in this industry we are never sure.
The response I received - 'We always operate to our current target'. And yeah, isn't it obvious? The "current" might change tomorrow, but then we would still operate to our tomorrow's "current" target.

So, no matter what, whether we wish or not, we always live working on our "current" problems. We make a decision that is the best as per the "current" conditions. I would never repent for a decision that I took 10 years ago, although that might look silly today, because that was the best decision under the then "current" situations.

I believe that the "current" always remains the same for everyone, although the situations faced in the "current" changes from person to person. And it is this, I guess, that probably results in the so-called relative differentiation. But the "current" is all that remains constant...And I love this word 'constant'!


Anonymous said...
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Nanditha said...

Well, I am not too sure if my attitude has remained constant all the time, although I agree that it mostly revolves around our basic nature.
And I guess, the struggle is "not to identify ourself with the nature" and just be our own self.