Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Idea of classification

The idea of classification or should I say, the classification of ideas? Does an idea happen first or the classification? I dont seem to understand!

I happened to read an article that said- 'We humans do or speak or think wrong which is a sin'.

I am actually a bit confused on this and I tend to disagree on the intention of this statement.
Do we really know what we mean when we say- "Your thought is wrong and will result in sin" ?

We say- wrong, because we have a 'pre-conceived idea' that a thing is right and anything else is wrong. When we are not in a position to decide, we simply go with the ideas formed by a majority of the people and assume that they must be right. And they inturn would have assimilated those ideas from others and so on.

So, basically how do we define a 'right' or a 'wrong'? The definitions, of course, will always be relative. It is a common experience: if X talks about a behavior of Y that X didnt like, Y gets hurt, doesn't like the comment and says- 'X made a wrong statement and is a sinner'. This inturn hurts X, because he thinks he is right and he says the same thing to Y and they are in an endless loop. Now Z comes into the picture, analyses based on his owns conceptions and supports one of those, and so on.. which results in certains ideas being classified as 'right' and 'wrong'. So, each one comes in to a situation with his own ideas or his own great 'mind'..

..and it tries to filter out stuff!

I guess, the problem is that, the moment you start thinking, the idea already gets classified into one of those. The feeling of 'I thought a good thought', or 'I just had a bad thought' just happens along with the thought, most of the times. Thats probably why they say that- the moment you start thinking, you are in duality. You cant help it..I dont think you can help the situation.. I tend to keep asking myself- 'whose fault was it that I got to think?' But I keep getting the same answer-'that my question is incorrect'! It is the same as asking-'how did the one become two or many' and an answer cannot be expected..

I believe, that it is best if you can remain without trying to classify a thing as good or bad, high or low, because you know it must be relative.


Ramprasad said...

Ideas are classified based on their consequences. Each idea continues to become some "talk" or "action" or it can even remain as an "idea" itself leading to a chain of events resulting in a consequence.

The consequences are classified as "good" or "bad" based on the so called pleasant or unpleasant results as perceived by our physique or mind.

Essentially, the criterion for classification lies in the end and not at the origin.

But, the mapping that defines and governs the relationships between the ideas and consequences is a matter of deep subjective perception. Though some look like concrete axioms, most of them are empirical hypotheses. And it is the latter that appears to make things relative.

Anonymous said...
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