Thursday, November 27, 2008


I wonder why can we not have some strength in us first?

Strength to grow, remain calm, to be dignified, strength to become the change you want to see, strength to live the way you want to, strength to control emotions, strength to talk sensibly, work intelligently, strength to be able to dettach ourselves to whatever at will, strength to be able to forgive, and the list goes on.

Basically, strength over the mind that will distinguish us from any other animal, strength that will let us face any situation without losing ourselves to it, yes, anything. Why call ourselves men and women when we hardly find some basic common sense in us, character in us, some morality in us? Doesn't this strength determine your so-called personality?

Oh yeah, some hint at the incident that made me say this, there was a funny incident (atleast to me it looked so)- when people laugh at something when there's actually no joke in it! I see this happen quite often though!
Applaud at some incident when there's nothing great happening. Going about wishing 'congrats' and 'great job' when there is actually nothing done (this is another common sight).. come on, why not ask ourselves if it makes sense first? I feel that some basic awareness of our behavior is a must! And some intellectual growth that will help us strengthen..

Anyway, does it really need so much strength to be able not to laugh when that is not a joke?!


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Kashi said...

hmmm thats very true Nandita... we need lot of strength not to laugh when boss tells a joke... :)

was kidding.. actually its not the same what everyone think about same, sometimes for us it looks so stupid n get irritated and someone may find it funny n enjoy... its all about level of maturity i guess..