Monday, October 19, 2009

Something different this time..

Just realising that reading newspaper is not a waste of time after all..

This was an article in the 'Deccan herald'- 'Open Sesame'- Oct 9 '09 - written by a Class-5 student. It is a biography of a 'five rupee coin' :-) Sounds funny, but this is the first time I have read something so creative.
..and it reads thus:

Hello! I am a five rupee coin. I have had many interesting adventures so far and would like to tell you about some of them.

Here goes! I was first owned by a little girl named Nandita (hehe, yeah- this was the name used by the student, I was like- 'wow, ok..') who was very forgetful (and now-I was like- 'oops!'). One day she put me in her pocket and went to the backyard to skip. She forgot all about me and did not even realize when I fell out of her pocket. When she finally realized, a wild goose chase started. She hunted for me all round the backyard. “Will she ever realize I’m on the window sill?” I wondered. After what seemed like ages, she found me.

Nandita had a friend named Aarya. Both their families were close friends. Aarya’s father was an umpire. One day he asked Nandita if she had a five rupee coin in return for two 2’s and one 1 rupee coin.
So I was given off to the umpire, who took me to the next cricket match he attended. I was used there for the toss. I actually got to be flipped by Dhoni and watched by the other greatplayers! After the match was over the umpire was walking home with me in his pocket. On the way he stopped at a small roadside shop.
I was given to the shopkeeper for a cup of tea.

Now I was really tired of being given from one person to another.
Thankfully, kind Mr. Shopkeeper kept me in his table drawer for a few days. Then I was given to a girl called Shruti as change. She put me in her pocket and took me home. So here I am now, sitting in her piggy bank with loads of other coins and rupee notes.
I have made a lot of new friends here. I’ve heard that Shruti’s saving up to buy a present for her cousin, Aditi. I know that one day I will be used to buy something that will make Aditi very happy, and that I’m going to have many more adventures that I’ll tell you all about.
The name of the student who wrote this was Aditi and the name of the article was: 'Dhoni and the five rupee coin!'
Imagination knows no limits.. Wonder how she got the idea to write about a coin and how much time she put in to imagine all this.. I would say- 'Well written, kids of this generation really have a lot of talent in them!'


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